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Welcome to Wire Bangkok
Hotel & Cafe

Coffee shop is your go-to neighborhood joint, anytime, any day, Join us for specialty coffee to pep you up in the morning, Our Signature Coffee, Drip Coffee, And delicious dessert to fuel your day, And non-coffee menu for lovely customers who are not interested in coffee.

About Us

We founded under the Wire Bangkok hotel boutique hotel in both branches as well, both branches have a different style of decoration, the wire coffee on-nut focuses on industial loft which is bare cement, Iron, mainly wood, wire coffee phrakanong branch is minimal loft white with bare cement and wood. There are two different styles, two styles, and both branches have the co-working space, and a small meeting group of 4-6 people, and a private meeting room with LED TV screen for everyone to use for free. It is free of charge, and everyone gets to taste a special coffee that selects the quality seeds and characters of the menu that are unique to wire coffee.

wire bangkok hotel

Onnut Branch

We have many rooms for you to choose.





We have many rooms for you to choose.





wire bangkok CAFE

Recommend Menu

"Blood orange"

The specific recipe only our shops. The intensity and aroma of the Cold Brew that we’re used a 24-hour to extraction for the flavor and aroma come out with a full flavor. The Character of Thai coffee that we used to extract and mix with 100% fresh orange juice. The harmony between Cold Brew X Orange Juice has an orange pulp. This menu has a firmness of the coffee and the freshness of the orange. We’re recommended this menu for those who want fresh and energy in their work. Let’s try and drink.

"Peach tea"

 the more you have the more you drink, the more you refreshing, 😉

“ Dirty “

The smoothness of the Espresso shot mixed with the milk. Coffee from the Espresso machine flows into the glass containing milk, and the absence of ice makes the flavor more intense. A coffee aroma blended with milk that specific recipe only our shops without any “Syrup” that is not too heavy in this menu. But there is a good sweetness in Milk that you can distinguish between the taste of coffee and milk clearly. The distinctive feature of “Dirty” is the pattern of hot coffee that is hit with cold temperature milk creates a layer of coffee that flows down the bottom of the glass. When you raise a drink, Degrees of milk and coffee will flow through the tongue and mixed together then smooth and mellow of taste according to this menu “Character Dirty”. The intensity of the coffee combined with the body and the sweetness of the milk that specific recipe only our shops. Resulting in a charming mellow that is a unique specific recipe.

“ Wire signature “

” Wire signature ” is coffee based with a twist of fruity taste.


wire bangkok

"the best staff"

best and polite staff thanks for everything and I will surely stay there again.

"Cozy home"

Nice safe and clean rooms, a bit far from onnut station, but you can take a motorbike easily to get there.

"Nice place"

Location is good, Very accomaditing.

"Very good accommodation"

The hotel is good. The location is great and very close with train station and bus stop quietly, However, It's not sultable with the travel that have many and heavy stuff or luggage because they don't have a lift and they have 6-7 level so you should ask the hotel if you prefer to stay at the low level.

"nice room clean and easy to find. near to bts also"

staff friendly

"Good place and clean"

Good clean, cheap place kind of near Ekkamai for taking early bus. Just next to BTS station.


Wire Bangkok PhraKhanong

Address : 1112/108 Sukhumvit R. Phrakanong District Khlog Toei, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110
Phone Number : 02-136-9523 , 080-965-6843
Open Time Café : 09.00 AM – 07.00 PM
Hotel : 24 Hour
BTS just 300m away

Wire Bangkok Onnut

Address : 17 onnut 10, soi, Suan luang, Suan luang, Bangkok 10250
Phone Number : 02-1152399, 080-965-6843
Open Time Café : 08.00 AM – 06.00 PM
Hotel: 24 Hour
Far from BTS 1.5 KM